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Our team is committed to proactive, responsive, and helpful service. We look forward to hearing how we can help your company become Kosher-certified. Contact us, and see what our experience can do for you!

KSA uses its over 4 decades of Kosher certification experience to direct companies regarding numerous Kosher-related issues. These include in-service education on seamlessly integrating your Kosher program, as well as cost-effective production and ingredient alternatives if necessary. We work with our clients to find effective solutions without compromising Kosher standards or encumbering your production culture.

  • KSA is committed to upholding the highest standards of Kosher law.
  • KSA is committed to all of its clients and to the Kosher consumer
  • KSA is committed to fast, high-quality service.
  • KSA is committed to the use of state-of-the-art technology to streamline your Kosher program.

These commitments are evident at every stage of our relationship with our clients.

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Kosher Supervision of America
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KSA proudly joins AKO – Association of Kashrus Organizations

AKO was established in 1985. Its primary goal is to unite the different kashrus agencies around the globe under one umbrella, serving the kosher consumer to raise and maintain the highest level of kashrus possible. To that end, the leading authorities in the world today have a medium where they can discuss the numerous situations that arise in the industry, to create a plan for emergency kashrus situations, to construct basic guidelines for mutually acceptable standards and to present a unified voice.