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What is Kosher?

What is Kosher?

“Kosher” is a Hebrew word that literally means “fit” or “proper and acceptable.” “Kosher” is a set of dietary conditions mandated by Jewish law. Kosher supervision agencies such as the KSA, ensure that all ingredients and preparations are in accordance with Jewish law.

‘KOSHER’ has informally entered the English language with that meaning, but Kosher laws have their origin in the Bible, and are detailed in the Talmud and subsequent codes of Jewish tradition. They have been applied through the centuries to ever-changing situations, and these rulings, both ancient and modern, govern KSA Kosher certification.

The principles that would determine what is kosher and what is not, are rooted in the Written Torah (the Bible). These laws have been observed by Jews for over 3,000 years. Over the centuries, the Rabbis have explained, detailed and organized these Divine laws, applying them to ever-changing situations. Protocols were developed to ensure their practical and proper application to food preparation down through the ages.

The laws relating to Kosher foods are intricate and detailed, and all though it takes years to master the subject in depth, the basics are easily understood. For many it is as integral to their lifestyle as eating itself.

The Bible also lists some basic types of food items which are not Kosher. These include certain animals (i.e. pork or rabbit), fowl (i.e. ostrich or raptors) and fish (i.e. shark or catfish) insects, and any shellfish or reptile. In addition, Kosher species of meat and fowl must be slaughtered and prepared in a prescribed manner. Additionally, meat and dairy products may not be manufactured or consumed together.

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How Much Is The Kosher Market Growing?

The U.S. kosher markets have become a recognized boom for food manufacturers. Today, consumers are concerned about more than just the kosher status of their food. Over 12 million American consumers choose Kosher food products for reasons related to health, food safety, taste, vegetarianism, lactose intolerance, and dietary restrictions. Generating over $12 billion in annual sales, the kosher food industry has become a big business. Certifying hundreds of companies around the world, KSA Kosher is one of the leaders in the kosher food industry. As one of the world’s largest, most respected and well-known kosher agencies, the KSA certifies a great percentage of the kosher food sold worldwide. Increased industrialization of food production has boosted demand for kosher certification. Foods are increasingly produced using more complex processing techniques and multiple additives, all of which require kosher certification services. KSA is at the forefront of this worldwide industrialization with Rabbis who have specialized expertise in all areas of food production.

There are well over 300,000 packaged food products on U.S. supermarket shelves, the KSA kosher symbol is found on many of those products. KSA certified companies know that having the KSA symbol on their products immediately and universally increases their marketability. That’s why they choose KSA to certify their products worldwide.


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