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Steps To Kosher Certification

Kosher Certification Basics

Obtaining Kosher certification with KSA is a straightforward process. Upon receiving your application, we assess your ingredients and products, followed by an on-site inspection. Subsequently, a contract is drafted, specifying both parties’ requirements. All compliance details, including approved materials and products, are clearly outlined. Signed contracts ensure regular audits by KSA’s Rabbinic field representatives.

When consumers see the KSA Kosher symbol on a product, they know that they are buying food that has been certified to meet the highest standards of Kashrus.

KSA is led by a team of experts in Kosher food production, well-versed in all facets of the food industry. All Kashrus policies are established by a knowledgeable Rabbinic committee with extensive experience in Jewish law, addressing any related questions that may arise.

KSA is dedicated to its clients’ needs. In today’s dynamic food production landscape, where technology evolves rapidly, our global network of rabbinic coordinators, client representatives, and food production specialists vigilantly track industry advancements. They continuously collaborate to assist your company in staying competitive while upholding its Kosher certification.

Interested in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the entire Kosher certification process? Look no further; here it is!

Application Submission:
An assigned KSA Account Executive will guide you through the application process, which involves submitting essential information about your raw materials, procedures, and products. This information is crucial for accurately assessing your Kosher suitability. Start your free application now.
Start your application now for free.

After you submit your application, a Rabbinic Coordinator (RC) specializing in your manufacturing type will carefully review it. Within 24 hours, you will receive a call to discuss your manufacturing process, Kosher compliance fundamentals, and general Kosher supervision queries. Specific details related to your plant can only be addressed after the initial inspection.

Initial Inspection:
Upon preliminary approval of the application, the KSA Account Executive will then arrange a facility visit by the RC or a qualified Mashgiach (Rabbinic Field Representative – RFR). They will observe your operations, assess submitted ingredients, and document plans and procedures for a Kosher setup. The evaluation will be reviewed by the rabbinical board for further decisions regarding Kosher compliance.

We provide a cost-effective annual fee that encompasses the entire certification package, irrespective of the number of products or production scale. The fee is determined by the extent of the services required and grants you the privilege to showcase our trademarked logo on all registered brands, across various social media platforms, and in your advertising materials.

Once the quote for Kosher certification is accepted, we will provide a contract outlining terms and conditions for obtaining and maintaining Kosher certification. It includes a comprehensive list of ingredients and specific agreements made after the initial visit.

Upon completing the contract, your company is eligible for KSA Kosher certification. You can now display our registered KSA symbol on your certified products, while also displaying your new Kosher status across all social media channels.

With the signed contract, we will implement the discussed plans, schedule koshering if needed, and assist in training your Kosher staff. Your certified products will be listed on our platforms and featured in consumer media outlets upon your approval.

Please Note: KSA Kosher maintains the strictest confidentiality for all information that is submitted to our office. We are ready to support you in any way we can to achieve your goal.

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