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Steps To Kosher Certification

What to expect during the KSA certification process:
  • Application:
    Every manufacturer has its own unique specifications. You will be assigned an Account Executive who will assist you. This will include the process of submitting the required information regarding your raw materials, procedures and products. This information will be critical to properly assess your kosher suitability.
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  • Consultation:
    Upon completion, a Rabbinic Coordinator (RC) specializing in your particular type of manufacturing will be assigned to review your application. Someone will contact you to discuss your manufacturing process and outline the basics of kosher compliance. We will also answer general questions regarding kosher supervision. The specifics as they will apply to your plant will only be able to be answered after the initial inspection.
  • Initial Inspection:
    With your go-ahead, the Account Executive will then arrange for a visit to your facility by either the RC or a qualified Mashgiach (Rabbinic Field Representative – RFR) to observe the operation and to evaluate the ingredients submitted. The Rabbi will make note of all the necessary plans and procedures to create and maintain a kosher setup for your production, with both the utmost level of kosher standards and your company’s benefit in mind. He will also will then move to evaluate, annotate and validate all ing submitted in the application. This will then be reported to the rabbinical board for further review via written report. Decisions will then be made and finalized with you regarding if any equipment needs to be koshered or what procedures need to be put into place in to facilitate kosher compliance.
  • Quote:
    Quotes are given as an annual fee, which covers our entire certification package. We never charge you per product, or on the size of your output, but for the overall certification program for your company. There is no one, set fee for certification. Your fee will be quoted based upon the scope of the work that is required of us. It will include the allowance for you to place our trademarked logo on all of your registered brands.

  • Contract/Agreement:
    Once the quote has been finalized and agreed upon, your contract will be drafted and sent to you. It will include the terms and conditions required to obtain and maintain kosher certification. They will include a comprehensive list of ingredients as noted above in the initial inspection. It will also outline any specific points that were agreed upon after the initial visit.
  • Congratulations:
    Congratulations, at this point, your company would now be ready to receive KSA kosher certificates, granting you the right to display our registered, trademarked KSA symbol on certified products and marketing materials. Your product is now certified kosher. Your Account Executive – on behalf of the entire dedicated team here at the KSA , will be there to assist you with any needs or questions you may have pertaining to your kosher profile, on an ongoing basis.
    With your approval, your certified products will be listed on our website, and in our various consumer media outlets.
  • Acceptance:
    With a signed contract in hand we will now move to implement all that was discussed. If koshering was discussed, we will move to do it at the earliest most convenient time. We will also assist in training your kosher assigned staff members to facilitate the upkeep of your “kosher program” in the easiest way possible.

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