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The Basics of Kosher Certification

Kosher Certification Basics 

The procedure for acquiring Kosher certification is relatively simple. Upon receipt of your application, a representative of KSA will review your Company’s ingredients and products. After a thorough evaluation, and, frequently, an on-site inspection, a contract will be drafted, detailing the requirements and obligations of both parties. To help you integrate your kosher program, all requirements, as well as details of all your approved raw materials and finished products, will be clearly spelled out. A signed contract guarantees that regular audit visits will be made periodically by a Rabbinic field representative of KSA.

When consumers see the KSA Kosher symbol on a product, they know that they are buying food that has been certified to meet the highest standards of Kashrus.

KSA is directed by a staff of Kosher food production specialists, familiar with all aspects of the food industry. All Kashrus policies are determined by a highly experienced and learned Rabbinic committee that reviews and decides all questions of halacha (Jewish law) which may arise.

KSA does not take its obligations to its clients lightly. In today’s complex world, where food production technology can literally change overnight, KSA’s international network of rabbinic coordinators, client representatives, and food production experts closely monitor industry developments, they are constantly working to help your company maintain its competitive edge while preserving its Kosher status.

Account Executives/Rabbinical Coordinators

An Account Executive will be assigned to handle your application. The Account Executive will have a Rabbinical Coordinator working with him to ensure that all questions and needs are dealt with in a satisfactory fashion. This AE will be your designated point person at the KSA office, and will be available to answer your questions, address your needs, and guide you throughout the certification process.

PLEASE NOTE: KSA Kosher maintains the strictest confidentiality for all information that is submitted to our office. We are ready to support you in any way we can to achieve your goal.

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